Why Suzie Dawson was removed from Pursuance


When passionate people work on important projects, tempers can flare. Unfortunately, this can lead to organizational problems which are insurmountable, and action must be taken in order for the project as a whole to proceed. On Friday, things spun out of control between Suzie Dawson, head of the Internet Party of New Zealand, and our own chief developer, Steve Phillips. As a result of the escalation, Ms. Dawson has been removed from Pursuance-related chats and groups. She has requested that her PMs be sent to her, and we are contacting the various people she messaged and suggesting they comply (since we don’t have those messages).

Here’s Barrett discussing the issue on Sunday.

In addition, he remarks:

We obviously don’t usually kick people off, but I have a responsibility to those who are volunteering heavily on the project not to put them in a position where they can be subjected to that sort of allegation, which can obviously damage a person’s ability to work.

Those tweets are all public so anyone can see and decide for themselves what to make of them.

One of the good things about the actual platform of Pursuance is that people can self-segregate into groups of people they’re entirely comfortable with while still reaching out to other groups that may have different values and collaborating on limited aims, without having a bunch of people with fundamental disagreements being placed into a position where they’re going to fruitlessly argue.

We wish Suzie and the Internet Party of New Zealand well, and are continuing to work to bring Pursuance to fruition one safe, encrypted step at a time.

UPDATE: Oh, Julian, put the phone down. Assange has accused us of having removed Ms. Dawson because she supports Julian Assange, which is untrue. No one has ever been removed from Pursuance for supporting anyone at WikiLeaks.

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