RightsCon 2018 – Effective 21st Century Organizing: Learning From the Past, Building the Future

Pursuance is delighted to have been accepted for @RightsCon #Toronto 2018. Below you will find our session description.

Name: Barrett Brown
Affiliation: The Pursuance Project
Title/Position: Founder
Country: United States
Gender: Male
Have you, or any co-organizers, organized a RightsCon session before?: No
Session Format: Panel
What theme does this session fall under?: The State of Global Civil Society
Please list any keywords for your proposed session: #activism #whistleblowers #encryption
#privacy #internetfreedom #transparency

Please describe what you want to do in your session:
This session brings together a panel of world-class journalists, dissidents, and activists to reflect on their experiences coordinating effective collective action outside the increasingly outdated norms of traditional organizational models. Some panelists have helped to organize whistleblower connection networks, while others are currently engaged in creating platforms that assist collaborative organizing.

Panelists will introduce themselves and their experiences confronting corruption within existing institutions and/or attempting to create new means of organization that will avoid the pitfalls of older models — often models they have participated in themselves.
Audience members are invited to ask questions and engage with the discussion, contributing their own perspectives to the proceedings; they will be able to ask questions both in person and through an online mechanism, where the top-rated questions will be read and answered on stage.

By describing major successes and challenges they have experienced through their activism, the panelists will paint a picture of the future of organizing that utilizes lessons learned while simultaneously leveraging modern tactics and technologies. The panel aims to utilize this exchange of experiences in order to articulate new directions for 21st century activism.

Who will be moderating this session?:
Bailey Lamon (Vice Chairwoman, Pirate Parties International; civil society; Ontario, Canada; female; experienced activist, panelist and moderator)

Who will be joining you in this session?
Panelist 1: Barrett Brown (founder, Pursuance Project; civil society; Texas, United States;
male; journalist and Internet activist)
Panelist 2: Naomi Colvin (Beneficiary Case Director, Courage Foundation; civil society; London,  UK; female; experienced activist organizer)
Panelist 3: Birgitta Jónsdóttir (co-founder, Icelandic Pirate Party;civil society; Reykjavik,
Iceland; female; activist with experience working both inside and outside traditional political systems)
Panelist 4: Jesselyn Radack (founder, Whistleblower and Source Protection Program; civil
society; Washington, D.C., United States; female; former whistleblower and current whistleblower advocate)
Panelist 5: Diani Barreto (Researcher, ExposeFacts; civil society; Berlin, Germany; female;
whistleblower advocate)
Panelist 6: Thomas Drake (Founder and Senior Leader, Knowpari Systems; private sector;
Maryland, United States; male; former whistleblower)

Have you confirmed their participation? Yes

What outcomes would you like to achieve with your session, and how will you transition
these activities into post-conference action?:

➔ Panelists will gain perspective through learning about their peers’ projects and hearing from the audience.
➔ The audience will better understand panelists’ projects and be able to apply panelists’
lessons to their own work.
➔ Provide a road map for multiple kinds of activists, allowing them to better avoid common pitfalls and leverage new tactics and technologies.
➔ Directly inspire conversation at RightsCon and beyond regarding critical problems to avoid and strategies more groups should be using, perhaps triggering a rethinking of the
methodology many groups are currently operating under, ultimately making many activists more effective.

Where should this session sit within the program?: 2

How long would you like this session to last?: 75 minutes