Pursuance Kickstarter So Far: 48 Hours of Awesome!


Hola, friends! The brand new Pursuance Kickstarter has gone amazingly so far – 48 hours in, we already reached 35% of our goal. We’re also currently the most popular software project on Kickstarter! We’re touched by this outpouring of support. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.

If you haven’t already backed us, please do – every bit counts, and we have some very sweet limited-edition rewards, including customised literary cruelty by Barrett Brown himself!

We need to raise $48,000 by July 15 to be funded, and we have some world-changing stretch goals if we meet the minimum. If everyone on our mailing list became a $10 backer tonight, we’d reach our goal tomorrow. And please, tell everyone about Pursuance who might be interested. Sharing is caring, people!

We’re using Kickstarter’s Livestream on the site to discuss and answer questions about the project. Barrett and Steve have both hosted Q&As – you can find their videos here. We have way more planned for the future, including a demo of the platform and an exclusive interview or two. Our next Livestream will take place on June 26 – join us! You can watch it right on our Kickstarter page.

Remember, you can connect with us on our website, Facebook page, Facebook group, or Twitter as well as the Kickstarter itself. And we’ve got archived videos aplenty on our YouTube account as well. Enjoy!

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  1. raincoaster says:

    Almost halfway there now!


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