The Pursuance Project: transgressively transparent about protecting privacy

Or: Making the world safer for activism, one rubber ducky at a time

The Pursuance Project

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“No activist should have to entrust their life to Facebook. No one should have to choose between security and the ability to organize large numbers of people. No one should have to use platforms designed to waste your time in the course of trying to make their lives count. When Pursuance launches, things will be different.”
Barrett Brown

Not every suite of software launches via Q&A livestream from a bubble-filled Texas bathtub, but then, the Pursuance Project (“Pursuance” for short) isn’t your typical software project, and its outreach volunteers are not your typical marketing team. The aim of Pursuance is nothing less than, in the words of its founder, “to create a vast and formidable ecosystem of opposition to institutionalized injustice.”

In plain English, Pursuance is a suite of tools for creation, sharing, project tracking, management, recruitment, communications, and outreach, all of it end-to-end encrypted in order to empower activists to change the world in a way which is both safer and more efficient than existing tools allow.

Barrett Brown is a gadfly. An author. A fameball. An activist. And a National Magazine Award-winning journalist whose credits include the Guardian, Businessweek, Al Jazeera, The Intercept, Vice, and Vanity Fair. He’s a felon, thanks to, among other things, sharing a URL in a web chat. He is also the founder of the Pursuance Project.

That’s an untraditional resume, so it’s not completely out of character for him to announce the launch of the Kickstarter to support the completion of Pursuance from the acoustically advantageous confines of his bathtub, nor for him to do so via livestream while actually enjoying a bath. It’s a throwback to his previous bubbles-and-Cab Sauv press conference for Project PM, a team effort which tracked the big players in the global security industry years before anyone had ever heard of Cambridge Analytica.

Come on in, the water’s subversive!

Kickstarter rewards include the standard hoodies, tees, and stickers, sure, but also “literary cruelty” (i.e. having your own original writing critiqued by Barrett), and a live role playing session of Shadowrun conducted either remotely or, if you come to Dallas, in Barrett’s living room. His mom will bring snacks.

At just over 48 hours into the Kickstarter (Oh, did we mention we have a Kickstarter?), supporters from around the world have banded together to raise over 35% of the $48,000US goal, the crowdfunder has made it to Kickstarter’s list of “New and Popular,” and is the most popular top software project on the site. The event ends July 15.

And naturally we take cryptocurrency and Paypal donations as well. Privacy is important!

Pursuance Project Contacts:

Contact: / +47 407 67 074

For interviews with Barrett or his core team please contact Pursuance at / Raymond Johansen +47 407 67 074

The Pursuance Board of Directors includes luminaries from the worlds of whistleblowing, digital privacy, documentary filmmaking, human rights activism, and more: Thomas DrakeBirgitta JonsdottirMano SinghamAlex WinterJohn KiriakouRobert TynesJay LeidermanBarry EislerRuss Baker, and Raymond Johansen.

Barrett Brown is available to meet with media in Dallas, Texas or worldwide via teleconference through our video conference solution.

Videos: See our YouTube channel for regularly updated videos from Barrett, head developer Steve Phillips, and our Board.