48 Hours, $5,000 to Go!

It works

 $43,364 pledged of $48,000 Kickstarter goal

How Far We’ve Come

*So* *much* *rad* *shit* has happened in the past month.

Since beginning the Kickstarter, the word about Pursuance has really spread. We’ve been retweeted thousands of times and mentioned by Freedom of the Press Foundation; new volunteers have come aboard after learning about us through the Kickstarter campaign; Barrett has been interviewed on Media RootsHackersploit, and Off the Hook.

The campaign has also served as an opportunity to spend quality time with people we like. We recorded videos with whistleblowers Thomas Drake and Lisa Ling, which you can view on our Youtube page. We also sat down with friends like Pirate Party founder Birgitta Jónsdóttir and Courage Foundation Director Naomi Colvin on our Kickstarter Live stream (watch replays here!).

The crown jewel of the whole endeavor, though, may be the elevation of the theatrical art exemplified by the performance of Julius Caesar brought to you by Barrett and random items on his desk. We provide this link below without further comment.

People have probably done stranger things for project funding, but we’re not sure what.

One Last Push

To complete the final leg of this effort, we’re reaching out to everyone we can to tell them about Pursuance and what it will mean to gain this funding. If we reach our Kickstarter goal, we will have the funds needed to commence full-time technical development and enable a global federation of activist groups, journalists, and nonprofits to do good, better. We’re tweeting up a storm; Barrett has lined up more interviews and is releasing more articles; and later today we’re going to provide a demo of Pursuance and show you just how far we’ve already been able to take this vision on a budget of $0!, and how much farther we plan to go.

Coming this far has been a collective endeavor. Our success will continue to depend on the combined support of you and the many who support our vision, and we appreciate all contributions you continue to make to our efforts. Telling your friends and colleagues about Pursuance, tweeting about us (our Twitter is here!) and retweeting us, and sharing the project across social media, or even just throwing in $5 can make all the difference.

We have also prepared the elements for a massive tweetstorm, with template tweets that you can easily repost. Please do participate, if you’d like.

For Two-Tier Backers

A note of interest to those interested in purchasing more than one tier – the Kickstarter platform technically doesn’t enable the purchase of two separate tiers. There are two workarounds for this – you can either buy a second tier using a guest account, or add the cost of the second tier to the amount you’ve already contributed and send us a message specifying what the money is for. If you’ve previously tried to purchase a second tier without doing one of the above, please contact us immediately via Facebook PM, Twitter DM, or email team@Pursuanceproject.org.

We want to make sure you get the tiers you want!

Onward and Upward!

Once again, we are grateful to everyone here who has supported the Pursuance Project – by following our progress, by telling us what this means to you, by speaking out on our behalf, and by funding our effort. Your support isn’t just appreciated; it’s honored.


The Pursuance Team

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