Kickstarter Updates – Backing Multiple Tiers, and Announcing Two New Tiers.

Some Kickstarter backers have come to us expressing frustration over their inability to buy a second tier, as doing so replaces the first tier they purchased instead of adding to it. If you want to buy the rewards for two separate tiers, please message us via Facebook, Twitter, or our email, team at and we can help you out.

As well, we’ve added a couple of new tiers. After selling out of advance copies of Barrett’s new book, we added a $150 tier, limited to only 30, which affords you a signed first edition hardcover copy, along with a Shadowrun character sheet. We’ve also added a $50 tier with which you can join Barrett’s Divinity II campaign – he’ll design the story as you play it out. Storyteller that he is, both of these tiers are pretty good deals.


Claire Peters
Director of Strategy